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Save our woodland

Our woodlands are precious green oases in an increasingly built-up country. They are the oxygen for our lungs, the anchors for our soil, the food and homes for our birds and other wildlife. Every tree is a vital ecosystem in its own right; each woodland is therefore a galaxy of worlds each interdependent on the other. And we humans, too, are part of that interdependent universe of lifeforms - what happens to our trees affects us all.

It is time our woodlands, especially our ancient woods, were respected at least as much as our built heritage sites such as palaces, castles and halls. And it is time they were protected for posterity, preserved for the benefit of future generations that they too may breathe clean air and enjoy green spaces where wildlife can thrive and people can reconnect with the natural world which, ultimately, is what keeps us alive.

Please do your bit to help protect these precious oases of life. Follow the link below to urge the government to act. Thank you.