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Happy Solstice!

The forecast was cloudy with sunny intervals, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as I set out early this, very warm, morning to celebrate the Summer Solstice sunrise. It was cloudy but broken by slivers of clear blue lightening sky that grew as I walked the path through the fields that leads directly towards the summer solstice sunrise. The wheat, still soft and feathery, and more blond than golden, wafted in the gentle breeze, heads bowed by ripening grains.

At last, I found a spot which felt welcoming and was in good view of the horizon and set about creating the space, giving thanks and making offerings (bread, a peach and some peppermint tea), and welcomed the sun as he rose behind a slim stretch of cloud across the horizon, then peeking out above the cloud into view. The timing could not have been better nor more captivating. A perfect moment in a perfect space in place and time, surrounded by birdsong. Beautiful.

After a few moments of contemplation and offering thanks a…

What is magic? Part 1 - First musings

Magic. Does it work? Oh yes. Of that, I have no doubt. Does it always work out the way we expect? Not necessarily. Do I use it? Yes and no; never and always. But what is magic? The magic I do is all in the mind (no paraphernalia) but is perhaps better described as active prayer. Prayer in the sense of asking a deity to do something for you is what I call passive prayer - and sometimes we get what we ask for, but mostly not, because that kind of prayer generally involves too much asking and not enough listening. Magic is prayer in which we use our imagination as a channel and our emotion as the fuel to manifest what we need. And, most importantly, we listen, we listen with our whole being - we establish a relationship with what is more than our small and illusory egos in order to bring about a particular outcome, through us, in the world around us. It changes us so that we can act in a way that effects the changes we need. Magic is a two-way relationship.

In order to effect those chang…

Save our woodland

Our woodlands are precious green oases in an increasingly built-up country. They are the oxygen for our lungs, the anchors for our soil, the food and homes for our birds and other wildlife. Every tree is a vital ecosystem in its own right; each woodland is therefore a galaxy of worlds each interdependent on the other. And we humans, too, are part of that interdependent universe of lifeforms - what happens to our trees affects us all.

It is time our woodlands, especially our ancient woods, were respected at least as much as our built heritage sites such as palaces, castles and halls. And it is time they were protected for posterity, preserved for the benefit of future generations that they too may breathe clean air and enjoy green spaces where wildlife can thrive and people can reconnect with the natural world which, ultimately, is what keeps us alive.

Please do your bit to help protect these precious oases of life. Follow the link below to urge the government to act. Thank you.