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The gift of taking the time to just sit

A smile broke out across my lips the other day: the answer was so simple - and I didn't have to go anywhere to find it.

I was sitting in the garden - just sitting. Not "meditating" as such - at least, not deliberately, but I think it could be described broadly as meditation.

There I was, eyes closed, relaxed, one hand resting in the other, palms open to the sky, thumbs gently resting against each other, the one supporting the other without effort, warm sunlight soaking through the pores of my skin, caressed by the soft breath of a gentle breeze. In my ears were the sounds of children at play and birds singing - one song rising above the others in my awareness. Then it passed and another took its place, then another, fading again into an awareness of the breeze kissing my cheek, and the sunlight soaking deep into the core of my being.

Thoughts came and went, but they were distant, as if spoken far away. I knew they were there like I might know there are clouds in the sky …