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Finding love in the washing-up bowl

It’s Valentine’s day soon, so I thought this a good time to write about love... and washing up.
My stepdaughter and I were having one of our wonderful chats the other day - about life, love and relationships. (I love these chats. Having children has probably been one of my greatest joys in life, and it is truly fascinating to watch them grow and to listen to them as they try to work out the world around them.)
We were talking about someone we know who is desperate to find someone to love but who is struggling to find the “right” person. We concluded that it was the desperation that was the problem. It reminded me of a troubled time I went through many years ago – a time when I was desperate not to be alone. Looking back now, I am deeply grateful that I didn’t find anyone: in that state it would inevitably have been destructive for both of us. Emotional vulnerability can so easily lead us into a mutually debilitating co-dependent relationship that does nobody any good. For a relationship…

New year’s resolutions need nurturing

How are your new year’s resolutions going? According to a survey, almost a third of us give up our pledges within the first month. But I believe there is hope for us all – and it has nothing to do with will power. In fact, will power may well be part of the problem.
Don’t despair: mother nature has a whisper of encouragement – and today is a good day to stop for a moment and listen to what she has to teach us.
We have only just crept into February, but the quality of the light has changed and the days are getting noticeably longer. The young sun, reborn at the winter solstice and now beaming a smile across the fields, seems to give everything a gentle glow. We have had some glorious, though cold, days. Winter is still at our heels and warmth has not yet returned, but this time of the year is more about light than heat. Life is returning.
Today is Candlemas – a Christian adaptation of the seasonal festival of Imbolc (pronounced im-olk), which celebrates the first stirrings of spring. Imbo…