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Maybe we just need to busy ourselves more with doing nothing

“Just because there’s room in my valise here, I am stuffing it with hay. It’s the same with our life’s valise: we pack it full of anything that comes to hand, just to avoid leaving an empty space.” 
I can’t help feeling that Ivan Turgenev, writing in the 19th century, could be describing today’s world. I am certainly guilty of filling “the unforgiving minute,/With sixty seconds worth of distance run” (as Rudyard Kipling urges us to do in his poem If). And I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.
Once, my wife booked me on to a Relaxation Day at the Amoghasiddhi Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Attleborough, Norfolk. Apparently the stress of being overworked and trying to keep everyone (except myself!) happy was boiling over and scalding anyone who came near. 
“I haven’t got time to relax!” I said. 
But she wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. (Ironically, it was my inability to say “no” to so many other people that had led to the stress in the first place.)
Now, I’m not really a religious person – I distr…